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About us


Horse betting - the key to success

All began in 2009 when we decided to specialize in horse betting’s. Our team has developed and optimized our own strategy over few years and in 2013 we started an offline project for several investors we know personally. Horse racing is becoming more and more popular and is already taking place in more than 25 countries.

Thanks to our experience and safe strategy in horse betting’s, we are able to manage more capital and offer our platform to the public and we are sure to continue our success without any problems.

Especially for that we have founded the company Credit7 limited.

We offer 3 different investment packages, for small and big money. At the moment we are achieving constantly 10% profit per day. According to that we can pay you up to 8% daily depending on the plan you are investing. No pay-outs will be shared on weekends. The more money we collect the lower the risks are as we can average possible draw downs in a better way, so its good for all of us. To reward you for you effort we offer a referral bonus on 2 levels with 4% and 1%.

We wish you and us happy earnings!

Your Team